Thank you for choosing Temple!  Welcome to Temple University Hospital's Recruitment website.

This website was designed to assist you in choosing the appropriate Graduate Medical Education program and provide you with an array of useful information.  In this website you will find: a synopsis of the benefits we offer; a sample of our resident physician contract; and a few pertinent policies.  Also provided are hotel information; a map and a parking pass for your convenience.  Please download as directed.

We hope that your questions will be answered by the information within this site.  However, if we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Once again, thank you for choosing Temple!

Lioudmila Cruz, Director, Graduate Medical Education

Acknowledgement of Receipt (Please bring signed copy to Interview) - View

Resident Benefit Synopsis -

House Staff Agreement Sample -

Terms and Conditions of Residency Appointment (TUH-GMEC-303) - View

Medical Licensure Examination Requirement Policy (TUH-GMEC-306) -

Drug and Alcohol Policy (TUHS-950.553)-

Social Media Policy (TUHS-HR-950.573)-

Resident/Attending Communication Policy (TUH-ADMIN-950.2103) -

House Staff Suspension for Non-Compliance Policy (TUH-GMEC-402)- 

Anti-Nepotism Policy (TUHS-HR-950.584)- View

Accommodations in the Philadelphia Area -

Parking/Map - View

Diversity at Temple! - View

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