Policy & Procedures

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GMEC Resident Health & Wellness Committee- Guidelines for Resident Mental Health and Wellness Referrals (6-27-17)

GMEC Guideline For The Death of A Resident/Fellow

TUH-GMEC-100-Institutional Commitment to Graduate Medical Education (10-31-14) 

TUH-GMEC-101-GMEC Purpose Composition (09-01-17)

TUH-GMEC-103-Graduate Medical Education Committee Disaster Patient Interruption Policy (10-31-14) 

TUH-GMEC-104-Central Venous Catheter Insertion Policy (7-1-17)

 TUH-GMEC-105-Vendor Representatives Conflict of Commitment and Conflict of Interest Policy (7-31-15)

TUH-GMEC-200-Resident Selection (10-31-14)

TUH-GMEC-201-Guidelines for Resident Evaluation Promotion and Dismissal (1-7-11)

TUH-GMEC-202-Due Process and Grievance Appeal (1-7-10)

TUH-GMEC-203-Resident Impairment (1-7-11) 

TUH-GMEC-204-Residents Stipends and Benefits (4-4-16) 

TUH-GMEC-205-Leaves of Absence (10-31-14)

TUH-GMEC-206-Sexual Harassment (10-31-14) 

TUH-GMEC-207-Program Evaluation Committee and Annual Program Evaluation (11-5-14)

TUH-GMEC-208-Special Program Review Policy and Protocol (11-5-14)

TUH-GMEC-300-On-call Rooms Meals and Lab Coats Final (10-31-14)
TUH-GMEC-301-Affiliation Agreements (1-7-11) 

TUH-GMEC-302-Resident Supervision and Duty Hours (11-5-14) 

TUH-GMEC-303-Terms and Conditions of Residency Appointment (10-31-14) 

TUH-GMEC-304-Residency Reduction and or Closure (11-5-14) 

TUH_GMEC-305-Security and Safety (10-31-14) 

TUH-GMEC-306-Medical Licensing Examination Requirements (10-31-14) 

TUH-GMEC-307-Resident and Fellow Moon lighting Policy(10-31-14) 

TUH-GMEC-308-Granting Duty Hour Exceptions (11-21-14) 

TUH-GMEC-309-Transition of Care (11-5-14)

TUH-GMEC-400-House Staff Budget (1-7-11) 

TUH-GMEC-401-Monthly Rotation Schedules (1-7-11) 

TUH-GMEC-402-House Staff Suspension for Non-Compliance Policy (10-31-14) 

 TUH-950.584 Anti-Nepotism Policy 

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